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A holistic approach to sports medicine

Chiropractic Sports Medicine

Athletes require specialized attention. They are like Formula 1 cars: high performance is demanded so that the vehicle must be not only in good condition, it must be in excellent condition. Even minor faults must be identified and corrected. If not, the performance goals are not fully achieved and breakdown occurs at the weak points.

Many athletes have undergone unsuccessful treatments before turning to us. We treat sport and stress injuries of patients of all ages without medication, surgery or cortisone injections. Our holistic approach and treatment methods enable rapid recovery and return to the field.

Highly Skilled Mechanics

Specialized diagnostic and therapeutic expertise are required ingredients for enhancing sport performance. Athletes highly value these skills of ours, at Bliss Clinic.

These high performance vehicles of our bodies need highly skilled mechanics who can both diagnose and fix the problems that arise in the course of heavy usage. We provide this type of service at Bliss Clinic -emergency care, corrective care and maintenance care. As described above (under ‘Chiropractic‘), our treatments start with a comprehensive ‘double diagnosis‘. Once the problem is understood, in its local and full-body context, various combinations of treatment are given according to the needs- chiropractic manipulations, acupuncture, physiotherapy, specialized soft-tissue treatments such as trigger point therapies and ART techniques etc. This is the foundation of chiropractic sports medicine.

Elite and professional athletes receive specialized care and sport performance enhancement through our Bliss Elite Athletics program.

Dr. Fraser Bliss, in addition to six years of chiropractic training, has an additional four years specialty in chiropractic sports medicine. He received his post-graduate fellowship degree in 1988 becoming a Fellow of the Canadian College of Sport Sciences, F.C.C.S.S. (Can). He is the only certified sports specialist in his profession in Finland.

Dr. Nicholas Bliss, working closely in association with his father over the years has picked up the essential  ‘tricks of the trade’ of this sports specialty practice. In addition, he added his own specialty to his clinical sports medicine practice: that of treating soft-tissue and especially repetitive strain injuries. He is also been privileged to have been apprenticed and mentored by top international authorities, both in fields of Chiropractic and Applied Kinesiology, and in Elite Sports.