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Nicholas Bliss D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic, Posture Specialist

Nicholas is a second-generation Bliss chiropractor who graduated from Chiropractic at Glamorgan University in Wales. At his graduation ceremony in 2006, he took top honours when awarded the prize for “clinical excellence”. This trend continues in his professional practice at Bliss Clinic where he treats all ranges of people and conditions from new-borns to the aged and from amateurs to elite athletes.

He carries on the Bliss tradition for “excellence” and, in his own right, Nicholas has developed a reputation amongst high-profile, elite athletes who regularly seek his services.

From early in his career, Nicholas has had the privilege to be mentored by and work with top doctors of international reputation in the fields of chiropractic, medicine and applied kinesiology. He brings this diverse knowledge and experience to his work at Bliss Clinic.

Nicholas’ approach to practice is decidedly multi-disciplinary and holistic: Treatment goals are to improve function of body, mind and spirit while at the same time correcting pain and symptoms. He is professional, gentlemanly and caring.

Presently, he is completing a post-graduate, Diplomate specialty in Applied Kinesiology (D.I.B.A.K) from the United Kingdom. Within the AK professional community of doctors, (DC’s, MD’s and dentists), he has been invited to lecture at various international conferences.

Nicholas and his father, Dr. Bliss Sr., work in specialised ways with professional athletes to improve sport performance. They have branded their methods under the slogan “Performance to the Top! or in Finnish language “Suorituksesi huipulle!”

Member of the Finnish and European Chiropractors Association and International College of Applied Kinesiology.