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We treat a full range of acute pain problems from head to toe

Acute Pain

We treat a full range of acute pain problems from head to toe, including sports injuries and overuse/repetitive strain injuries. Most any acute pain in the body we treat. At Bliss Clinic we have many different treatment solutions at our disposal in order to alleviate acute pain and speed up the healing response. We often use combination treatments in order to do this efficiently.

Finding the weak links:

Apart from treating local injuries, we are always interested in locating and understanding the underlying cause or causes of those frustrating acute pains and injuries which tend to recur time and time again. This approach invariably leads us to make assessment of the whole body to determine where the weak links exist.

More often than not, the pain and its cause(s) are not  located in the same place. This is the paradox and challenge of pain.

Finding and fixing the weak links (which differ from person to person) is often the “key” which ultimately unlocks the riddle of relapsing pain episodes. Accordingly, when we treat the causes first and foremost, the acute pains tend to resolve by themselves, and often surprisingly quickly! This is the wonder of the body; the body makes its own natural corrections as it becomes balanced. A deeper healing takes place, more permanently. Everyone wins.