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Three phases of treatment

Phase 1: Symptomatic care

The goal of the first phase is to relieve and eliminate pain. We do not treat pain just locally. More importantly, we aim to diagnose the cause(s) of pain, and focus our attention and treatments on them. Often enough, where it hurts, is not necessarily where the problem lies. Finding and correcting the causal factors, takes the stress off the “weak links” and areas where the body has been forced to compensate (pain areas). This method of finding, fixing and letting the body heal naturally, is often the key that solves the enigma of recurring pain.

We are not just back and neck pain specialists at Bliss Clinic. We treated many acute and chronic pains from head to toe:  including sport and repetitive strain injuries. Also, many chronic, acquired  diseases ( inflammatory, neurological ) can be managed and even effectively addressed in our clinical experience.

We relieve and eliminate pain and inflammation, by using various treatment solutions that speed up and assist the natural healing of the body.

Phase one, typically requires 1–4 weeks of regular treatment at Bliss Clinic, depending on the severity and intensity of the symptoms. Elimination and relief of pain are natural consequences of our treatment, as different parts of the body are brought to a higher level of function. Systematically enhancing and restoring body function and alignment, decreases and eliminates pain and inflammation.

We draw from vast chiropractic and medical training, with an arsenal of effective treatment “tools” and strategies to help provide the desired results for our patients. We also integrate other credible healing arts and health systems into our treatments at Bliss Clinic and use when needed. Our treatments are safe, efficient and comfortable. They relieve pain and are anti-inflammatory in nature, thus supporting the natural ability of the body to heal itself.

  • Diagnosis of the cause(s) of pain

  • Relief and elimination of pain

  • Safe, efficient and comfortable treatment methods

Phase 2: Corrective care

The concrete goals of  phase two – corrective care, are visible and measurable changes in:  posture, mobility, muscle balance, and other health indicators, such as lung volume and blood pressure. Changing posture from weak to strong, promotes the health of the body and its internal organs, which in turn slows down the ageing process. These safe, comfortable, and tangible postural changes are like “ surgery without the knife ”.

Objective changes in body function and structure, with continued phase 2 corrective care,  helps create and achieve more lasting health results and goals. On the contrast to terminating treatments at the disappearance of symptoms  ( phase 1 ), where the patient is pain free or enjoys less pain, but who is still posturally weak. Continuing the treatment process into phase 2, helps to avoid relapses in pain and inflammations, which more frequently occur when the posture remains weak and the mobility still limited or excessive.

The duration of phase 2 corrective care, depends on  e.g. the nature of the problem / condition, amount of wear and tear / arthritis, general state of health and lifestyle. Regular, corrective treatment at Bliss Clinic, usually lasts from 1-4 months, depending on the case. Although our methods are usually clinically effective and efficient, there are no shortcuts when we aim for high, lasting therapeutic results. This second treatment phase is an investment into one’s own health and future.

Patient / client motivation to self-care, which includes positive, health enhancing lifestyle changes, affect the duration of the corrective treatment phase. The more one is willing to look after oneself, and follows rational and sound clinical recommendations from our treating experts, the fewer appointments are needed.

  • Efficient treatment programmes

  • Visible and measurable changes

  • Strengthened and improved posture and mobility

Phase 3: Maintenance and Wellness

Combined with a healthy lifestyle, we recommend regular or semi-regular posture and health check-ups. The frequency and regularity of the check-ups are tailored to the individual physical needs and lifestyle of our patients. Stage 3 care promotes continued health and wellness.  It helps to prevent the effects of unwanted and accumulated physical and mental stress.  When minor, often symptomless, imbalances of the body are detected and corrected preventively, they will not develop into big and difficult problems at a later date.  “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

In addition, moments for the self in a peaceful atmosphere, also promote healthy living and balance.

The benefits of prevention speak for themselves: freedom of movement, good energy level, and clarity of thought. Good health and strong posture require regular maintenance, in the same way as e.g. a car, your teeth, and relationships.

  • Key to good quality of life

  • Health promotion and dis-ease prevention

  • Health investment