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Bliss Method

Bliss Method:    From Pain to Wellness®

Below you will find our treatment philosophy, “From Pain to Wellness”.
It explains the process of healing which takes place at Bliss Clinic. 

During a patient’s treatment time at Bliss Clinic, a healing process starts in him: his symptoms and pains are relieved, even eliminated. Of course, this is highly rewarding both for him and for us. This is what he came for in the first place.

But there is something more, which often comes as a surprise, a bonus, for the patient: he experiences a tangible improvement in his whole health and his sense of well-being.

The Wellness Bonus

This “wellness bonus” manifests itself both physically and mentally.

Physically, it is experienced as an improvement of energy. More stamina, less fatigue.  Posture is taller, easier to maintain. Breathing improves; resistance to respiratory diseases often improves too over time. The body is definitely more flexible, moving is more enjoyable.  Digestion processes frequently improve as does blood circulation, particularly in the limbs.


Founder Dr. Fraser Bliss explains our slogan
"From Pain to Wellness®"

Mentally, one is more alert and in higher spirits. Patients report feeling “lighter”, more relaxed. Depression starts to lift. One feels more balanced, “more himself”, even if he has been out of touch with this for a long time.

All or part of this CAN happen, often regardless of whether a person is considered “healthy” or “unhealthy” at the start of their treatments. In any case, the common experience is feeling even healthier. This is the welcome “side effect” of our methods of treatment.

Reaching the Personal Health Potential

We see this transformation in the weeks or months that the patients are with us, at Bliss Clinic. At the start of treatment they are burdened with pain and frustration and even anger – and during the process they change into happier, lighter human beings. It is a fascinating process to be a part of: people gaining back their health, vitality and hope.

These new-found feelings of wellness, these unexpected “bonuses” somehow inspire people. They can now see the real possibilities for their own health. Something opens up for them. They see that they have been living well beneath their own health potentials and are now empowered to “move ahead” with their life. Some may want to simply maintain their physical health, some may want to improve their relationships, some their careers, some just want to be happier.

Main thing is:  they see wellness is actually possible; it becomes a new reality.

Turning the On/Off Switch

How does this happen?

Well, they have already felt the positive changes that have happened within themselves, the new reality. It leaves an impression inside. The switch is no longer off, it is now on. This experience can be deep, powerful. It inspires them. And during the treatment process they gain confidence in themselves to take positive steps in the right direction.

Some people transform this inspired state into action right away: they move forward and just never look back. Some store the experience in their memory banks and save it for future reference, waiting for the right time. Some just wait…

In any case we are there to work with the individual, physically, emotionally or even spiritually, as they move along their life path.

Learning and Inspiration

In addition to providing a healing environment, we also function as a resource center for people:  We provide information, such as books and lectures, as well as timely advice and encouragement for people wanting to be healthier. Our other services support this aim too: in-house posture schooling and lectures. We also teach easy methods of de-stressing and relaxation. Dietary advice is available too.

We treat the whole person.

In the process of getting their pains fixed, and getting this “wellness bonus”,  our patients learn a lot too. About their bodies, about themselves, about their emotions, about the environments that they create for themselves. People are encouraged to look behind their pains, to search for causes and more lasting solutions. They take this new orientation, this new thinking and begin to work it into their lives. They see results. They are inspired… And, we are too!

From Pain to Wellness®. . .

We take our slogan seriously.


Taking Time with People