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Our staff

“There’s something going on in this place…”

Our staff newcomers are often surprised and pleased with how effective our techniques really are in treating pain, compared to what they have been taught. They adopt our methods happily when they see the great results.

We fondly recall the comments of one new physiotherapist who had been in our team for a few weeks : “There’s something going on in this place… People are actually getting better here!”

Nicholas Bliss D.C.

Chiropractor / Clinic Director

Auricular Acupuncture
Applied Kinesiology
Clinic Director

Fraser Bliss

B.A., D.C., F.C.C.S.S. (Can.)

Chiropractor and Sports Specialist

Natalia Wilkins PT


Triggerpoint Therapist
Sport Massage Therapist

Frida Lehtovaara

Chiropractic Assistant

Office Manager

Maisa Bliss

Finance, Admin

Maria Laamanen

Bliss Yoga