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Preventive philosophy
avoids pain and illness

Prevention and Preventive Health Care

Like going to the dentist, the chiropractors at Bliss Clinic do not need your pain to find the problem in their apprach to preventive health care. By palpation and examination they will know how each part functions as well as how the whole body functions as a unit. And, they can generally find the pain without you telling them; this often comes as a pleasant surprise to our new patients!

Just as the dentist fills small cavities in order to prevent more painful and expensive problems in the future, so too the chiropractor approaches the body as whole- preventatively. Small imbalances, when fixed early enough, do not become bigger and more expensive problems later on. “Wear and tear” on the parts is reduced which helps to slow down inflammations and degenerative processes. Indeed, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!”

One embraces a preventative health and preventive care philosophy not just to avoid the negative consequences (pain and disease) but also to enjoy the positive consequences of maintaining good health! These benefits speak for themselves: consistently good energy, clear thinking and freedom of movement. Many of our patients and their children embrace this concept of preventative care gladly once they understand, and more importantly, experience the positive effects themselves.