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Our clientele:  From babies to oldsters,
families to top athletes, plus international clients

Mattias Gestranius – FIFA Referee

“At Bliss Clinic I have received holistic care. I feel better both mentally and physically. I felt that I was getting help for my chronic health problems from the very first visit at Bliss Clinic! I believe their treatments have added years to my sports career.”



Over twenty years ago my back was in so poor and painful condition that I was measuring the width of doors and the height of thresholds at home, thinking how I can manage them with a wheelchair. By accident I heard from a friend of mine about a Canadian chiropractor working in Turku who had helped her with a condition that threatened her livelihood. I went to see the chiropractor. After examining me, he said that he can help me. He said he doesn’t know whether he can help me 30, 50 or 70 per cent, but he can definitely help some. Now, two decades later, I know that Bliss Clinic ultimately helped me a great deal more.

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Lauri Korpikoski

Professional Ice Hockey Player

“At Bliss Clinic they focus on the bigger picture of why pain problems start. Personally, my mobility and stride have improved.”

Patient & Client Interviews

Mikko Koivusalo


Anthony Phelips

British Business Executive



Irina Laakso


We heard from our friends in 2015 that Bliss Clinic could provide help for my husband’s back ailments and my neck and shoulder pain. Afterwards we can say that the 75-kilometre trip from Loimaa to Bliss Clinic was well worth making. Encouraged by our positive experience, our actively training 13-year-old daughter also started treatments last year. Hard training had made her muscled tense. After the treatment of muscles and the nervous system she now has better posture, is more alert, and no longer gets muscle cramps. A BIG THUMB UP from our family to the whole staff of Bliss Clinic!

Minna Aalto

 2X Olympic Athlete and Professional Sailing Coach

I have been active in sports since I was a little girl, and I’ve participated in competitions since the age of ten.  A variety of back pains had been disturbing my training since I was fifteen, and yet I hadn’t found a sustainable relief to my problems.  In the late 90’s as I was training for my second Olympic Games, I developed back pains so painful that the thought to stop my athletic career prematurely crossed my mind.  Then, a skilled physiotherapist advised me to contact Dr. Fraser Bliss and said that he might be that person who would make my back behave in the way I wanted it to behave.  I booked an appointment with Fraser, and after a thorough examination and interview he sent me to for lumbar-spine X-rays in order to find out the cause of my problems.

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