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Bliss Performance Enhancement

At Bliss Clinic, we enable athletes and non-athletes, professionals and amateurs, stars and aspiring-stars to take their skills, their performances, and thus, their confidences to higher levels.

Elite and recreational athletes, musicians, singers, stressed-out executives, golf players and even children with learning disorders come to Bliss Clinic to improve their performance skills and “up their games”. They move past their pains and their symptoms into new realms of “wellness” and self-actualization which hardly seemed possible before they began their treatments.

Aging professional athletes stay in their game, improve their stats and extend their careers. Singers revive their voices. Business executives become sharper and more resilient to stress with less output. Often kids’ concentration and school grades improve.

How is this possible, how is this done, you might ask? Naturally, we cannot reveal all our trade secrets …but, the testimonials of top athletes and performers attest to the wellness bonuses our clients can receive when they follow through with our treatment programs and advices. They move past their symptoms and invariably experience improvements in their skill performance, in their energy levels, moods, ability to concentrate and even sleep quality. And, of course, in their general health too! As a further bonus, they may notice their attitudes, self-confidence and emotional stability change in positive ways. They get turned on.

Not only “turned on”, but “tuned in” to a new sense of empowerment which they feel in their physical bodies and even mental attitudes. They find their personal limits have increased – skills, talents and tasks have become easier to perform with less energy expended. Their “performance results” have improved somehow. They start to connect the dots… They start to understand the meaning of our slogan “From Pain to Wellness, because they experience it first-hand. In their own bodies. Our health paradigm suddenly becomes de-mystified for them, and they embrace our treatment methods for their practical health and performance benefits.

Not surprisingly, the best results come with Bliss Clinic patients who progress past the symptom-relief stage and follow-through with the corrective and maintenance stages of treatment. They’re in it for the long run, not a quick fix. They learn the vast difference between treatments which correct function and those which merely remove symptoms. As they experience the progressive changes in their bodies, they see their visits to Bliss Clinic as an advanced form of “training” -Performance Enhancement Training- where their body functions are corrected and then optimized. For some, it becomes their “secret weapon” for advancement.

Our new clients come to Bliss Clinic either with their problems of pain, or symptom-free, or for posture assessment. In each case, we create in them higher levels of function and well-being -Bliss Performance Enhancement.