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All manner of acute and chronic sport injuries are treated at Bliss Clinic

Sport Injuries

All manner of acute and chronic sport injuries are treated here.  We have many treatment methods drawing from the fields of chiropractic, sports sciences, acupuncture, physiotherapy and soft-tissue therapies. We do what’s needed to get the athlete back to his sport quickly and safely.

At Bliss Clinic we treat sports injuries without the use of drugs, surgery or cortizone injections. Many of our athletes have had multiple injections and surgeries, without success, prior to turning to us for help. When they are helped here, they are helped  because we see the problem from a different angle and treat accordingly. By training, we think in terms of whole-body function, not just the painful part. Athletes need that extra information about their bodies when the traditional methods have fallen short.

Our treatments are effective in reducing pain quickly, controlling inflammation and correcting tissue disturbances (such as muscle tears, tendonitis, bursitis and arthritis) non-invasively. We have no hesitation, however, to refer patients for medical procedures when necessary.

Physical treatments are an important part of the solution but they do not stand alone. Typically, the injured athlete requires also accurate information about the injury’s causes, how training needs to be modified- what he should and should not do, and what he can do for himself to speed up healing and prevent relapses. During the course of treatment, the athlete often gains new perspectives about his injury, his body and his training methods which he hadn’t considered before. Knowledge is power. With better awareness and a better functioning (renovated) body athletes can then make tangible improvements in their sport performance.

Dr. Bliss Sr. has a 4 year, post-graduate specialty in chiropractic sports medicine, F.C.C.S.S.(Can) -Fellow of the Canadian College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences. He is the only specialist of his kind in Finland.

Dr. Bliss Jr. has learned “the tricks of the trade” from Bliss Sr. He has also been privileged to have been mentored by top international authorities, both in fields of Chiropractic and Applied Kinesiology, and in Elite Sports.

Optimizing Athletic Performance

We also apply our skills to “fine tune” the body for optimal athletic performance in both recreational and elite athletes. One doesn’t have to have pain to benefit from these treatments. When mechanical faults are properly diagnosed and corrected, overall efficiency and bodily function improves. This translates into better athletic performance, that is: enhanced speed, strength and agility.

We have treated scores of elite athletes to enhance their performance in a drug-free way: Olympic, world-class and professional athletes from all disciplines- hockey, sailing, track and field, orienteering, horseback riding and gymnastics to name a few. We have numerous ‘world-champions’ who use our services as part of their continuing success formula. Also, professional singers and musicians who rely on optimal function of their voice and hands.