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Ensuring that feet function properly
is an important part of our treatment
approach at Bliss Clinic

Foot Orthotics

Ensuring that feet function properly is an important part of our treatment approach at Bliss Clinic. The feet and the spine are the main foundations which support and allow normal functioning of the rest of the body. Their functions are interdependent. A healthy spine cannot exist in the presence of significant foot faults nor can feet function ideally in the presence of a weakened spine.

Foot faults can perpetuate or give rise to pain and mechanical problems not only in the feet and legs but also higher up in the low back. Some low back conditions cannot resolve completely until certain foot faults are corrected. Besides physical treatments, the feet may require the extra support and control which is provided by custom made foot orthotics.

Custom made Podiatric Orthotics

At Bliss Clinic we have always made high quality, custom made foot orthotics in accordance with the accepted principles of podiatric biomechanics. We examine properly and thoroughly in order to prescribe a corrective foot orthotic which does the job, that is, it optimizes the functioning of the foot. Optimal foot function mlnimizes harmful mechanical stresses which affect the low back and lower limbs. A well prescibed, well made foot orthotic can solve a lot of problems and can save a lot of medical expenses in the long run.

Plaster casting and digital technology

We use the methods of the foot specialists themselves, podiatrists. (The podiatric profession is well-established for generations in the english-speaking world and elsewhere, but not in Finland).

These procedures include making non-weightbearing, plaster cast impressions of the foot as well as laser and pressure-sensor scans. We send these impressions and scans to podiatric laboratories in England and North America where the devices are manufactured. They are of the highest quality, judged by podiatric standards, and can truly be called ‘custom made’, unlike the majority of foot orthotics available these days. The problem with over-the-counter or semi-custom-made orthotics is that they often help somewhat, but not enough. Non-custom made orthotics can provide some welcome relief for foot pain, for example, but they are not designed to correct the deeper mechanical issues which affect higher up in the legs and spine. Custom made, podiatric orthotics are naturally more expensive than the common sort available in Finland but they are a good investment in one’s personal health and certainly save money over the long run.