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We endeavour to treat causes rather than merely the symptoms

Internal Health Disorders

At Bliss Clinic, we have many different treatment methods at our disposal. Accordingly, we are able to treat, or give benefit to, a range of medical and neurological problems such as:


Sinusitis, middle ear infection, dizziness/vertigo, tinnitus, trigeminal neuralgia, facial nerve paralysis, migraine


Breathing problems, exertional asthma, persistent cough, cardiac arrhythmias,


Various abdominal pains, heartburn, reflux, hiatus hernia, constipation, intestinal colic, menstrual pain and haemorrhoids.


Herpes zoster (shingles), psoriasis


Mild depression, insomnia, symptoms of stress

Our examination findings will usually tell us whether we can help these problems or not, and to what extent.

We typically see these problems in a chronic phase when traditional medical methods have failed. Nonetheless, we often get excellent clinical results in these stubborn cases because of the holistic diagnostic and treatment methods we use. Again, we endeavour to treat causes rather than merely the symptoms.