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Challenging chronic pains are also curable

Chronic Pain

At Bliss Clinic, we treat a great deal of chronic pain due to joint, muscle, nerve and soft-tissue problems. ‘Chronic’ means that the problem has persisted for months, years, or even a lifetime.  It does not mean that it is necessarily  “incurable”- only that it has eluded cure so far. We often get excellent results with this challenging category of problems, that is, chronic pain.

Generally, our examination will tell us how much we can help the problem (20%, 50%, 80%) and how longit will take to correct. Don’t be put off by having been told previously that your problems are either ‘not curable’ or that they are just ‘part of aging’; this may not be the whole story, in our experience.  Almost always, some tangible improvement can be achieved- even in the most chronic of cases.

As mentioned above, with our holistic approach to chronic pain, we assess not only the part which is chronically painful, but also determine what factors havecaused it to become chronic, that is prevented it from healing normally, in the first place. These causes are typically located elsewhere in the body, or mind or in the lifestyle and successful treatment always bears this in mind. We must build up the patient’s health, its ability to self-heal, at the same time as treating the disease. One without the other is not enough; both strategies are needed. This is our approach at Bliss Clinic; artfully combining the two. This way, we get the best and most long-lasting results and, a healthier and happier patient, to boot!