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Bliss Family Care

Health to the whole family!

Well-being for the whole family

Bliss Clinic aims to serve and offer support to the whole family unit. We understand the importance of keeping the whole family healthy – So we provide care and treatments at a reduced family rate. We encourage regular posture and health check-ups, and preventive treatment when required, alongside an active healthy lifestyle.

You may have experienced positive changes in your state of health as a result of our posture correction procedures. So don’t forget your spouse and children, bring them with you for posture and health check-ups!

Positive Health changes

Strengthening your posture is a health investment and never too late. Don’t be put off if you have been told that ‘nothing can be done’ or it is ‘something you have to live with ’ by others or even other health professionals. Get a second, non-surgical, drugless opinion and make up your mind for yourself.

You don’t need to just believe either to benefit from our posture correction treatments ! Tangible changes can still be delivered professionally, even in challenging pain syndromes and poor health conditions. You just need the motivation and desire to get better and the courage to seek other options.

We offer health solutions at Bliss Clinic and understand the importance of posture strengthening, not just for our nagging pains, but for our overall health and wellbeing.

We have joint appointments for families Mon 8–12 and Fri 13–16

The visits are shorter than normal, at a reduced family rate. The family fee applies only at the aforementioned times when family members come for a joint appointment.

Mini – examinations

If you know someone who wants a quick, second-opinion for their health problems, Monday and Friday family times are also available for mini-examinations. Based on the mini-examinations we can determine whether we can be of service or not. If yes, we may recommend either further examination or a treatment plan at Bliss Clinic. In the case your problem is out of our expertise, we can then help refer and guide you to other health care professionals.

Please remember to mention the Bliss Family Care or mini-examination service and offer when booking an appointment!

Family Fees